100% Natural Australian Products

    Libby’s Aussie Wool was born from necessity, when agricultural downturns and tough financial times were affecting the family’s 8000-acre mixed cropping, sheep and wool property in northern NSW in the early 1990s. What began as a means of bringing more cash flow into the family farm has turned into a thriving family business supplying bedding products for more than 20 years. Libby has transformed the business from a tiny operation manufacturing in the farm’s shearing quarters to the established online and physical Eumundi Marketplace store it is today.

    Libbys’ vast knowledge of wool production and wool science ensures she produces the highest quality and functional wool quilts and pillows and sources superior sheepskin products such as the acclaimed UGG boot range she stocks. With her production factory nestled in the hills of Cooroy, in the Noosa hinterland, Libby and a few local women produce her 100% Australian wool products for both local and overseas sales.

    Classic UGG Boots

    High quality, genuine Ugg boots that are comfortable, stylish and durable.

    Sheepskin Products

    A timeless accessory; Sheep skin products never go out of fashion with durability to match.

    Slippers, Scuffs & Moccasin

    Our wool footwear is extremely comfortable, moisture wicking & lasts seasons.

    All Natural Bedding

    Our wool blankets and pillows are comfortable and long lasting making for a better night’s sleep.

    Baby Range

    Wool is the perfect choice for babies as it is soft, natural and has low allergen fibres.

    Custom Items

    Our products are fully customisable with the same quality and longevity as our standard products.

    Wool Socks

    Wool fibres are fantastic insulators from the cold and wick away moisture before you feel wet.

    Cow Hides

    Cowhide rugs are a timelessly fashionable, hard wearing homewares piece that fit most decors.

    Pet Bedding

    Our pet bedding is suitable for indoor or outdoor pets keeping them warm in winter and cool in summer.

    Naturally Stylish

    Favourite designs

    Wool and cowhide products are not only natural and hard wearing but they also possess a timeless style. We offer a range of popular designs while also offering customisable products.

    Aussie owned

    Locally sourced materials

    As an Aussie owned company, Libby’s Aussie Wool is proudly operated as a rural home business in Cooroy. Employing locally means Libby can help her local economy and local community.

    Wool has it all

    Naturally beneficial

    Wool is an active fibre and natural insulator meaning it keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. Not only that but it is eco-friendly, fire retardant and biodegradable.

    We live a charmed life in the Hinterland of the Sunshine Coast and your welcome to come visit our beautiful grounds and see where our custom bedding is made