How to look after your wool & natural product


    Bedding care instructions suitable for wool pillows, quilts & underblankets

    Wool is a natural fibre and with occasional airing and washing will stay fresh and retain its wonderful health and comfort benefits.

    For best results:

    1. Air in sunlight every 6 weeks or so.
    2. Once every 6 to 12 months, hang product on line. Sponge both sides with a bucket of luke-warm water; add Woolmix or good-quality detergent. Sponge rinse, again with luke-warm water (add a few drops of your favourite essential oil eg: Lavender).
    3. Sun and air till dry. A little shake and it will fluff up nicely.

    Please contact us at Libby’s Aussie wool for any further assistance.

    Pillow refurbishment service

    Congratulations, you have just purchased a quality Australian made wool pillow from Libby’s Aussie Wool. We understand that your purchase was not only a financial investment but an investment in your health by attaining a good night’s sleep.

    Libby’s Aussie Wool offers a refurbishment service for your pillow. Over time your pillow will naturally settle and the wool fill may felt. With normal use we feel your pillow should give you at least 5 years good wear. If after that time, or earlier, you feel your pillow could do with a refurb please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    For $35 we air and tease the filling, add an extra layer of wool and replace the cotton cover.

    UGG Boot Care

    1. Treat your Ugg with a protectant spray before wearing.
    2. The majority of marks can then be removed by brushing firmly with a stiff-bristled suede brush.
    3. Persistent marks or stains may be treated with a recommended suede cleaner.

    Please contact us at Libby’s Aussie Wool for any further assistance or care information: 0427 398 633 or

    Woolly Butts and Doggy Doonas

    1. Brush with a stiff broom
    2. Use wool mix + water on the fabric side
    3. Hose off
    4. Line dry